E N J Productions LLC


ENJ Productions delivers irresistible enjoyment and quality service to global fans through production, design and sound curation blending a fusion of cultures.

The mission is “to positively impact and inspire our community through Music, Culture, Outreach, and Creative Direction.”

Who we are

ENJ Productions is home to lifestyle and musical experiences that bring people from all backgrounds together under the common bond of culture. Since 2013, ENJ Productions has curated music, production and entertainment for #enjoyl1fe fans and followers worldwide. ENJ takes pride in delivering clean, eclectic creative direction rooted in elements from the African Diaspora.

Founded by Musicians E. Major and Charlie J, African immigrants that established roots in New York and embraced the cultural elements of both places. Growing up as immigrants, music was the great connecting bond to their native roots and to embrace American culture. Their commitment is to connect with Africans across the globe with the unique and highly recognizable ENJ sound, infusing Afro-Beats, Dancehall, Hip-Hop and more. Thus, ENJ Productions was born to represent the indigenous culture in the most positive and uplifting manner through the arts.