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Bronx Community Day Pioneers and enjoyl1fe champions, itsENJ is a Producer/DJ duo from Nigeria. Music producers, E Major and Charlie J joined forces to forge this dynamic duo. With their passion for music, culture, and community engagement, itsENJ is making their name in the music scene through their distinct sound textures, commitment to community empowerment, and Intrinsic creative direction.

Growing up in the North Bronx, NY, itsENJ draws their influences from multiple cultures, including but not limited to African, Caribbean and Hispanic cultures. This makes the duo more versatile and gives them the ability to engage with audiences from various facets of life. With such talents, they give you a feeling impossible to reproduce. Their music and overall brand communicates a feel good energy that has won the hearts of their peers and their community at large. itsENJ is not only revered as phenomenal public figures but they are respected as savvy businessmen. Despite the challenges met, the duo seamlessly juggled school, and a full time job while operating an entertainment company at a young age.

itsENJ's extensive resume includes work with National Society of Black Engineers, Montifiore Hospital, Upstate NY and Tristate Area Universities. They have also made stops at Amazura Concert Hall, SOBs, Shimanski, Cantina Royale and more. itsENJ is crafting their own lane and they are strategically curating culture through their ground breaking initiatives.

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Master William

A Music Producer, Pianist and beat programmer with an outstanding ear for music and a drive like no other.