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ENJ Productions founders, E Major and Charlie J. are a Producer/DJ dynamic duo from Nigeria that combined forces to form itsENJ. As artists, they share a deep passion for music, culture and community engagement. itsENJ is swiftly making a name on the music scene by bringing forth their distinct sound textures, commitment to community empowerment and intrinsic creative direction.

As Nigerian immigrants and Bronx residents, itsENJ draws their influences from a melting pot of cultures, including African, Caribbean and Hispanic, to name a few. This unique background and openness to global music influence puts itsENJ on the cutting edge of versatility with the ability to engage with audiences from all walks of life.Their collective talent delivers a euphoric feeling that’s impossible to replicate. The itsENJ sound and enjoyl1fe brand embodies “feel good energy” and has won the hearts of peers, fans and community members at large. itsENJ and enjoyl1fe is crafting a unique lane and strategically curating culture through ground breaking initiatives.

itsENJ has an extensive client base working with organizations like The National Society of Black Engineers, Montefiore Hospital, Upstate NY and Tristate Area Universities. Plus, guest appearances at Amazura Concert Hall, SOBs, Shimanski Cantina Royale and more.

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Master William

A self-taught music producer, pianist and beat programmer with an outstanding ear for music and an unmatched drive. Master William is a musical phenom, committed to his craft and constantly broadening his creative coasts. Master William proudly serves at the ENJ Productions in-house producer, building a reputation for effortlessly cranking out beats. He is gifted and talented in stylistically sampling sounds from the 70s and 80s. A product of Hispanic lineage and true Hip-Hop fan these elements reveal themselves in his music. Master Williams finds his greatest musical influence in his Hispanic heritage and soulful rappers, like J.Cole.

Master William has been a passionate music fan since a child, learning to play piano as a kid and teaching himself the art of production as an adult. ENJ Productions proudly welcomed Master William to the team in 2013. Since then, he has been a powerhouse of quality control, contributing to some of ENJ Productions’ biggest hits.